Saturday, June 23, 2012

KDP Invaluable

I wanted to applaud a site that has been invaluable to me KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing Community Forum. I can't say enough about the folks on the forum. I wouldn't have been able to publish without their help! 

So, I visit KDP frequently and my latest concern was that in the Reports (listed on this site) I noticed my sales ranking was decreasing to 190,000 or so and my sales were increasing. Ranking should reflect sales. Well, there was some glitch or lag in the system. And lo and behold, my sales ranking increased that same day to 60,000. It fluctuates quite a bit. So from now on, I'll be checking my Report first to determine sales.

I've sold 20 copies since June 1st, which isn't so bad. But I'm hoping more readers will jump on the band wagon and that I get more reviews. Any new information, related to sales, publishing, I'll post on this blog. My other two blogs are taking most of my time. I suppose when things start percolating, I'll be posting on here more often. I've decided, too, that when I publish my novella, The Sins of Dom, I'll rename this blog to include both books. Not sure what that will be, yet.

Okay, thanks for visiting.