Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Sins of Dom Sequel is a WIP

Procrastination is my Achilles heel. I thought I'd be finished with the sequel to The Sins of Dom but it's not to be. I’m considering titles, The Haunting of Sam Burns (something like this???). I keep starting other works, but I do like how it's evolving--the psychological aspects of it are more disturbing as Dom is obviously dead now but keeps haunting the ones left behind, or does he? I’ve juxtaposed a surreal and haunting imagery of SF with ghostly presences felt from the powerful Summer of Love, Haight-Ashbury Street, where Jack resides. I incorporated a tone which oscillates between peace and immoral elements associated with individualism taken to the extreme; a break from the family unit, sexual freedom, drugs, worshipping the golden calf so to speak, and children of the 60’s finding their way with a sort of reckless frivolity that results in sinful behaviors.

So the description of the neighborhood, Jack’s house and the environment has residual energies from a powerfully charged moment in the past. Back East, Giles is behaving strangely, as if his father has possessed him. I struggled with making a small boy this way, but I have to admit it is fun. And, after all, it’s fiction. So the idea is that he is the surprise, the quiet one no one suspected would become a problem.

Sam is in San Francisco with her brother Jack, and Barnaby. She keeps seeing her father everywhere and feels him near her. She relies on Barnaby for support as even her brother and his girlfriend seem odd to Sam. But Barnaby decides he has to return home after a frightening phone call regarding Giles’s behavior. So that’s where I’ve left it. I should be encouraged to finish it as an agent from a highly reputable agency in NY requested the full ms. Hm.

So what's my deal? I think I'm just having too much fun with this latest story. It's science fiction, future, post-stuperstorm drama. I have never written in this genre, merely touched on it with a shorter piece Blue Jackson: A Science Fiction Thriller. But it’s bigger and much better. The Slow Death of Habeas Corpus is the tentative title of my WIP; I'm also throwing around The Wrath of Esther etc.

I was inspired to write it shortly after the storms and power outages this year. We have had our share across the country. So this idea that we could be crippled by natural disasters in the near future is too real to disregard. We see a piece of it now. And I’ve often wondered if we’ve gone too far into the digital age to ever be able to recover if it were in fact permanently disabled. Hence, my story that explores the future 2063, when the storm, Esther, the big one hits. And half the US is crippled by destruction and a strange white dust that settles along the Eastern section of the US.

Needless to say, the President and his cabinet and any important elected official flee to the West where that is left unscathed. So begins the formation of a new governing power, one that is tyrannical and arbitrary, the Department of Environmental Factions (DEF); as the Midwest and East are recovering and the weather stabilizes, a new Constitution is written and called the Constitution of the Sections; once it is fully formed, DEF swoops in like a hawk and seizes the Midwest and East in its talons.

Okay, that's it. Love to hear from you! Check out my books!